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Mainline Solutions

Inliner® is a recognized leader in both thermal- and light-cure Cured-in-Place-Pipe (CIPP). With 30 years’ experience manufacturing CIPP, and more than 35 million linear feet of CIPP installed, our technology provides a structural solution that does not rely on the integrity of the host pipe. We have extended the service life of pipelines by 50 years and more in diameters ranging from 4 ” to 120”. Our thermal-cure product, Inliner®, is a coated felt tube manufactured in-house by Liner Products, a division of Inliner Solutions, LLC, and saturated with resin at one of our six strategically located facilities. Our light-cure product, STX, is a glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) tube that is saturated at our facility in Orleans, IN. This allows us to provide our clients with single-source accountability and assurance of strict quality control from manufacture to installation.




Thermal-cure CIPP utilizes a resin-impregnated felt liner that is inverted or pulled-in-place through manholes, drainage structures, or open pits. The liner is then expanded within the existing pipe by pressurizing it with water or air. Once in place, hot water or steam is used to activate the catalyst in the resin, which then hardens and creates the new pipe within the old. Once cured, ends are cut, and service lateral connections are reinstated internally - without digging - and the "new" pipe is ready to resume normal operations.

CIPP Install.jpg



Light-cure CIPP utilizes a resin-impregnated, glass-reinforced plastic tube that is pulled-in-place through manholes, drainage structures or open pits. The resin is encapsulated between protective coatings, ensuring 100% containment of the resin during sensitive environmental installations, such as culverts. Once in place, the tube is expanded with air pressure. Then, a pre-cure CCTV inspection is performed, followed by an illuminated light-train that is pulled through the pipe to activate the catalyst in the resin. This hardens the tube and creates the new pipe within the old. Once cured, ends are cut, connections reinstated, and the “new” pipe is ready for normal operations.



Inliner carries an exemplary track record in pressure pipe performance. Utilizing both internally manufactured and outsourced tubes, Inliner can execute the renewal of pressurized pipelines including potable water. Pressure-rated tubes incorporate a fiberglass reinforced layer that provides a high-strength wall that can withstand internal pressure.


  • Diameter Range: 8” to 48”

  • Design Rating Pressure: Up to 400 psi

  • Installation Lengths: Up to 1,000 LF

  • Finished Pipe Wall Thickness: 3 – 15mm

  • NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 Certification

  • AWWA M28: Fully Structural (Class IV)

Pressure pipe.jpg



Using a spin caster or low-pressure hand-sprayer, our crews apply a consistent and evenly coated layer of geopolymer material from the top to bottom of the structure. Following the coating, crews use trowels to smooth out the finish. Once applied to the damaged or deteriorated surface, the geopolymer material quickly forms into a crystalline structure for higher resistance to acids, lower porosity, and greater surface durability. Site crews can complete preparation and installation for each segment in the same day, eliminating lead time for ordering materials.

Your Leading Provider

of Trenchless Water

and Wastewater System

Renewal Services

  • CIPP provides proactive, trenchless solutions that improve capital spending on asset rehabilitation by completing essential upkeep before assets collapse and cause expensive emergency repairs.   

  • For our thermal-CIPP products, vertical integration provides single-source accountability from manufacture to install.

  • Extends the service life of existing pipelines by 50 or more years while renewing, or improving, hydraulic capacity.

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