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Mainline CIPP

Inliner® Cured-in-Place Pipe
Our most widely used solution is our proprietary Inliner Cured-in-Place Pipe. CIPP is a proven, cost-effective no dig solution for problems normally associated with leaking or deteriorated pipelines.

An Inliner crew will oversee the cleaning and televising of the existing pipeline to determine exact pipe diameters and pipe condition. The crew will then order a lining tube that is custom manufactured for the project and delivered to the jobsite, ready for installation. These tubes are designed as a fully structural pipe or can serve as an interior infiltration barrier only.
Immediately following a second thorough pipe cleaning, the crew will install the resin-saturated liner via manholes or other designated access points using one of two proven methods: direct inversion (ASTM F1216) or pulled in place (ASTM F1743).
Once the liner is in place, the workers apply hot water, steam, or UV light to cure the segment. The length of time required for this process is dependent upon diameter and length, but is typically achieved in a matter of hours. Crews then cut the ends, reinstate the customer lateral services from inside the pipe, and active use of the renewed pipeline can begin.

The Importance of a Proper Cure
In addition to continual monitoring of temperature readings at boiler trucks, our team has implemented new fiber optic monitoring technology. Where earlier efforts provided readings at intervals of 200 to 300 feet using thermocouple measuring devices at manhole access locations, our thermal imaging system now enables the monitoring of the curing process along the entirety of the pipe run at 6-inch intervals. 

These readings can be monitored remotely by the project manager at an off-site office location, further ensuring a successful installation.

Benefits for Our Customers

With our no-dig CIPP technology, a crew with a modest amount of equipment can install a durable new pipe directly inside the existing worn or damaged pipe without breaking ground. In all but the most extreme cases of deterioration or collapse, Inliner CIPP can fully restore pipelines up to 120 inches in diameter with an additional service life of 50 years or more. 

Benefits for Our Customers

ASTM F1216

Standard Practice for Rehabilitation of Existing Pipelines and Conduits by the Inversion and Curing of Resin Impregnated Tube

ASTM F1743

Standard Practice for Rehabilitation of Existing Pipelines and Conduits by Pulled-in-Place Installation of Cured-in-Place Thermosetting Resin Pipe

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