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Using a spin caster or low-pressure hand-sprayer, our crews apply a consistent and evenly coated layer of geopolymer material from the top to bottom of the structure. Following the coating, crews use trowels to smooth out the finish. Once applied to the damaged or deteriorated surface, the geopolymer material quickly forms into a crystalline structure for higher resistance to acids, lower porosity and greater surface durability.

Inliner site crews can complete preparation and installation for each segment in the same day, eliminating lead time for ordering materials. Typically, the application of the geopolymer coatings require one pass, in the range of thickness of .5” to 1.5”, with a maximum thickness of approximately 3”. The quick cure rate shortens bypass time and allows flows to be re-established much quicker than Portland cement-based mortars.

Benefits for Our Customers

Geopolymer applications are ideal for large-diameter pipelines and are an eco-friendly solution, composed of more than 50 percent recycled materials. Site prep and installation can be completed in a single day per segment, with no material lead time.

Benefits for Our Customers

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