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Inliner Solutions, a PURIS Company, has over 25 years of experience in the rehabilitation industry and has grown to become one of the largest privately held wastewater infrastructure renewal construction companies in North America.

As an established leader in the infrastructure renewal industry with 18 offices and more than 650 employees, Inliner has the financial strength, industry expertise, staff leadership, and technical capabilities to meet nationwide demand. With offices across the U.S., Inliner proudly serves municipal, industrial and institutional clients with the experience and diversity of solutions designed to meet the unique needs of any rehabilitation effort.

From our flagship Inliner® brand Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP), to our glass-reinforced Inliner STX® UV-cured liners, we can address a broad range of both gravity and pressure pipeline applications—selecting the RIGHT solution for your infrastructure renewal project.



Inliner is in the people business.  We pride ourselves on healthy, partnering relationships with utility owners, consultants, other contractors, and industry organizations.


Our depth and breadth of technical knowledge sets us apart.  Inliner has patent-holders, mechanics and creators, over a dozen licensed engineers, and a dedicated team of subject matter experts in our CIPP Center of Excellence.  We are far more than just contractors. 


Our unmatched solutions portfolio and level of expertise cannot be found anywhere else. Inliner is committed to finding the right solution!


Integral to Inliner’s culture is the desire for knowledge and a will for continuous improvement.  This begins with our new team member onboarding program and iterative learning programs for field operations and is carried through our R&D department.


Inliner Solutions is part of the PURIS Family of Companies.

PURIS provides end-to-end water infrastructure renewal solutions, specializing in environmentally sustainable trenchless pipeline rehabilitation. It is home to an industry-leading family of brands with over 150 combined years in business. 

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We strive each and every day to prevent incidents that might otherwise cause harm to our workforce, the general public, or the environment. Our goal is to protect our biggest assets, our people, and our communities, by promoting an injury-free and incident-free workplace. Employees at every level of our organization are empowered to take ownership of their own safety and promote a “see something, say something” safety culture


ISO Certifications

Inliner has achieved certification with the International Organization for Standardization (Switzerland) for both CIPP materials and CIPP installation processes.ISO 9001:2015 certification ensures that quality management systems are in place to exceed customer expectations and to do so with consistency and confidence.

Quality Team

A dedicated Quality Team supports our CIPP operations through education and coaching. The Team hosts routine QA/QC calls to share an incident review and provide corrective actions for any issues that arise, the goal being to avoid repeating that issue and to grow through the process. The Quality Team boasts years of collective experience in the pipeline rehab industry.

CIPP Center of Excellence

Inliner has assembled our best and brightest operational minds to form the CIPP Center of Excellence.  This team of subject matter experts authors best practices, educational videos, and bridges the gap between policies and field procedures.  Even though the technology far exceeds the requirements of most CIPP specifications, Inliner has chosen to invest and equip all crews with this valuable resource.


City Traffic


Inliner operates in diverse vertical markets. Whether our mainstay municipal and DOT work, or industrial and institutional sectors—Inliner provides the operating flexibility and experience to accommodate the needs of all customers. Our solutions apply to all trenchless applications including wastewater, stormwater, potable water, and specialty (oil & gas and airport). 


Our solutions extending the life of pipe utilities by no fewer than 50 years, delivering a cost-effective, non-destructive alternative to pipeline/sewer rehabilitation that is less than half the cost of traditional methods and providing an environmentally sound approach to pipeline renewal by eliminating the need for excavation and soil disturbance. Our unmatched portfolio of solutions sets us apart in the industry. 



Inliner Solutions has been awarded competitively bid cooperative purchasing contracts through buying cooperatives such as HGACBuy and Buy Board. All government agencies including cities, towns, counties, universities, colleges, and non-profits may become members to utilize the contract saving significant time and money.  There is no cost to become a member.  

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