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LiquiForce, a division of Inliner Solutions serving the Canadian Market, is a leader in no-dig pipeline rehabilitation for clean water, wastewater, and other pipeline systems. Our state-of-the-art pipeline rehabilitation process significantly reduces pipeline repair time with minimal disruption and decreases repair costs. Our green, no-dig technology helps reduce carbon and water footprints from the repair process. From the point of distribution to the user, and back to collection and treatment facilities we are a one-stop no-dig, pipeline service provider offering complete pipeline system inspection, assessment, rehabilitation, and maintenance.

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A lateral pipeline is much like a branch on a tree. It connects a home or business to the main pipeline. Our revolutionary new green, no-dig Cured-in-Place Pipelining (CIPP) process for lateral pipelines cleans the existing lateral connection, measures it for a new, custom-made replacement liner, and installs the new lining system - all from within the existing access points (manholes) of the main pipeline connection.



Our Special Projects Division focuses on projects that require a high degree of exclusive management. The emphasis of this division is on large diameter sewer rehabilitation projects requiring large flow diversions. Our experienced teams understand what is required to complete highly complex projects on time and within budget while minimizing risk to all stakeholders.

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CIPP Solution for Hespeler Trunk Sanitary Sewer

LiquiForce was selected to rehabilitate approximately 5,000 FT of 24” to 27” diameter vitrified clay sewer and 16 maintenance holes varying in depth of up to 15 FT. This project was within the Grand River Conservation Authority and included an underwater river crossing.

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Rehabilitation of the NW Arm Sanitary Trunk Sewer

LiquiForce was selected as the Prime Contractor for the Northwest Arm Sewer rehabilitation.  As the Prime Contractor, LiquiForce managed the project, completed all mainline and connection by-pass, all community engagement activities as well as all subcontractors.

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Teamwork in Rehabilitating a Critical Large Trunk Sewer

Through an evaluated Request for Proposal, Utilities Kingston awarded the Ravensview Trunk Sewer rehabilitation to LiquiForce. The project included by-pass and rehabilitation of 3.4km of 1200mm to 1300mm of severely corroded pipe, much of which was located on a military base.

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Suncor Refinery Bypass

Operators from the Suncor Refinery located in Sarnia, Ontario, noticed that sinkholes were forming directly above their main outfall sewer to the St. Clair River.  LiquiForce was contracted to coordinate and supply all labor, equipment, and materials to complete the work.

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