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Structure Renewal

Manhole Renewal Applications

We perform manhole renewal installations using both Cured-in-Place Manhole (CIPMH) and a variety of cementitious, epoxy-based applications. 

Our NASSCO-certified superintendents provide extensive manhole inspections, which is the first step in determining the best application(s) for improving sewer system performance. These comprehensive inspections provide a concise evaluation of the state of the structure, spanning from the cover/frame to the bench and base.

CIPMH Installation
Our CIPMH liners are customized to fit manholes and related structures constructed of brick and mortar, pre-cast concrete or block. Inliner crews can complete preparation and installation in the same day, eliminating lead time for ordering materials. The liner will cure under ambient temperature and pressure in one to two hours.

Epoxy Installation
Prior to applying the epoxy product, the Inliner team performs a visual assessment of the manhole structure, then cleans the surface using water blasting. Cracks and damaged areas are patched, and if the damage is severe, a cementitious underlay is applied. The epoxy is applied with a hand-spray gun with a technique called cross-hatching, or “boxing,” to ensure even coverage and thickness. Final thickness can range from 80-125 mils or more per application.

Benefits for Our Customers

Whether cementitious, epoxy, or CIPMH application, we will recommend the right trenchless manhole rehabilitation solution, including specifying mixture additives to address specific structural or chemical concerns. Manhole renewals are completed quickly, with a single crew performing three to seven installations per day.

Benefits for Our Customers

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