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Structure Renewal

Inliner uses state-of-the-art structure rehabilitation methodologies to restore manholes, vaults, and related structures to full operational capacity. Our goal is to provide municipalities, federal entities, and private market customers a cost-effective, streamlined, and minimally invasive solution to restoring their wet utility assets. Our methods include our cured-in-place manholes (CIPMH), geopolymer applications, and epoxy-based applications.



In addition to restoration capabilities, Inliner provides rigorous manhole inspections, which are the first step in determining the best application(s) for improving sewer system performance. Performed by individuals certified in the Manhole Assessment and Certification Program (MACP) by NASSCO, the inspections provide a   comprehensive evaluation of the entire structure.

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Engineered for a service life of 50 years, CIPMH restores structural integrity, eliminating infiltration and inflow through structures. CIPMH produces a cured-in-place solution that resists freeze and thaw conditions to create a water-tight and corrosion-resistant structural lining. The liners are manufactured in-house and custom-fitted to block, brick and mortar, or pre-cast concrete manholes and related structures. The liner will cure under ambient temperature and pressure in one to two hours. 

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Our epoxy-based structure renewal system is widely used and formulated to provide structural rehabilitation of aged and deteriorated structures without any trenching. The system is a solvent-free, 100% solids, ultra-high build epoxy coating with high physical strength, robust chemical resistance, and strong adhesive properties for applications to concrete, steel, masonry, fiberglass, and other surfaces.




Our geopolymer lining is a trenchless rehabilitation method that uses monolithic mineral polymer with ceramic properties to repair existing structures and pipelines.  When spray-applied, these applications will adhere to any structure surface and, unlike traditional cement-based mortars, they are capable of bonding in layers to achieve structural thickness.   

Your Leading Provider

of Trenchless Water

and Wastewater System

Renewal Services

Using best-in-class installation techniques, Inliner teams renew the structural and hydraulic characteristics of aged and deteriorated structures, while simultaneously reducing project costs and public inconvenience.

  • Proactive solution that restores structural integrity through the creation of a water-tight, corrosion-resistant structural lining, eliminating costly emergency repairs.

  • Eliminates infiltration and inflow while extending service life for 50 years.

  • Provides an environmentally sound approach to asset renewal without the disturbance of excavation.

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